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DIY 12V 7Ah UPS Replacement battery

Old bicycle battery

Use diagonal cutting pliers

Parallel charging

Capacity test,

Spot welding battery pack,

Battery pack and 3s 40A bms


12V Box

Install the battery


7 thoughts on “DIY 12V 7Ah UPS Replacement battery

  1. You have cunningly avid to show the connection of negative and positive line as well as connection of BMS

  2. hello my name is habeeb, i have a requiremnet of 48 volt 12 ah battery for electric scooter , can you make it for me for reasonable price.

    1. Transport difficulties

      1. I need a battery pack in a van that supplies plenty of power for the back of the van but will charge from my alternator and not draw from the engine comptment battery. I have lots of 18650’s. It should be able to run lights (I use 5volt usb lights, several. And a small stereo, also a 5 volt gadget, chargers for laptop, tablet, probably a game console and 12volt monitor. An inverter, not sure what size, for chargers, hot glue gun, no motors. It should be able to run all of these all night with out any problem and have plenty power to spare. What size and config should I build? Should I go with 11.1 volts, 3s, with lots of capacity? Like groups of 30? And 90 cells? What about a BMS? I have a B6 professional balance charger, should that be used. I need some basic answers to get thi thing started. I have a 100 amp relay with 6 guage cable running to the back. Is it better to use like 4 48 volt battery packs in parallel and use a dc to dc converter buck conv step up to charge it with? How to bring that down to use, do I need a charge controller? The more videos I watch the more option I see but I need to build, get some facts and implement it. Help and thank you

        1. An internal resistance tester and a capacity tester are required.Batteries with similar test parameters can be used together.

  3. Поскажи Где купить коробку на 12 в

  4. Like to see if UPS circuit can be modified to stop charging at 12.4-12.6.
    BMS is suppose to be the secondary protection of the these batteries.
    It will be a true mode if UPS circuit actually accommodates the Li batteries.
    I love what you do here but having 2nd thought to put this into UPS in my place.

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