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4.2V 18650 battery different voltage different models parallel charging

5A Parallel charging


2*18650 SMT

Fixed 18650 SMT

2*26 18650

5W0.27ΩK Prepare to connect

Each 18650 series 5W0.27ΩK cement resistance limit current


6 thoughts on “4.2V 18650 battery different voltage different models parallel charging

  1. Hi,
    This is really Great, congratulations for your innovation.

    I need your support/help here.
    I too have few harvested cells I wud like to recharge, but due to some lack of information I cud not do
    Can you please help me if possible

    1. What information do you need?

  2. Hello
    i’m a novice but a few things are not clear for me:
    1) the resistor shouldn’t be on positive pole of the 18652? it seems alternate from positive to negative pole of 18650s
    2) the 270ohm resistors between 18650s shouldn’t lower the current between batteries for a max of 15mA ( V=IR)? i have seen in the video on the multimeter current above 1A.


    1. This is just one of the influencing factors.

  3. Hi,

    Is the current limit resistor 0.27 Ω? I don’t think it’s 0.27KΩ.

    How many chargers do you use? What is the total current?


    1. Yes! 0.27Ω I use an adjustable power supply for charging.

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