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Capacitive Active Battery Cell Voltage Balance

Capacitive active balance schematic

Capacitive active balancing module , Balance current 0mA-500mA.

Active balancing of raw voltage, 2019/11/10, Battery 1 voltage: 3.7637、Battery 2 voltage: 3.6742、Battery 3 voltage: 3.9515 , Balance current 76.4mA .

2019/11/11, Battery 1 voltage: 3.7892、Battery 2 voltage: 3.3758、Battery 3 voltage: 3.8085 , Balance current 4mA.

2019/11/12, Battery 1 voltage: 3.7915、Battery 2 voltage: 3.7914、Battery 3 voltage: 3.7931 , Balance current 0.9mA.

2019/11/12, Battery 1 voltage: 3.7853、Battery 2 voltage: 3.7820、Battery 3 voltage: 3.7827 , Balance current 0.6mA.

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    I am interested in the valence UX27-12BMS, but have some technical questions. Would you please give me a phone number so I can reach you for discussion.


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