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Rebuild laptop battery with 18650

The actual battery capacity is 15.44Wh / 10.8V =1.429Ah

2014 laptop battery, design capacity 47.52Wh / 10.8V =4.4Ah

Laptop battery label open

Replace battery test capacity

Replace battery parallel balancing voltage

Replace the battery capacity around 2.6Ah

Battery spot welding

Do not disconnect the old battery cable,  Replacing the battery in parallel with the old battery mode.

BMS needs to re-identify capacity, Charge to 12.30V 100% and discharge to 9V 0% , Loop operation 3 times.

4 thoughts on “Rebuild laptop battery with 18650

  1. Can i discuss about battery BMS with you?

  2. Can you please explain how to make laptop battery from scratch. I mean new battery where we can get shell complete information please.
    Possibly complete info on laptop batteries model etc info
    Requesting you please

    1. Sorry! I also do not have complete BMS information.

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