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Rebuild laptop battery with 18650

The actual battery capacity is 15.44Wh / 10.8V =1.429Ah

2014 laptop battery, design capacity 47.52Wh / 10.8V =4.4Ah

Laptop battery label open

Replace battery test capacity

Replace battery parallel balancing voltage

Replace the battery capacity around 2.6Ah

Battery spot welding

Do not disconnect the old battery cable,  Replacing the battery in parallel with the old battery mode.

BMS needs to re-identify capacity, Charge to 12.30V 100% and discharge to 9V 0% , Loop operation 3 times.

8 thoughts on “Rebuild laptop battery with 18650

  1. Can i discuss about battery BMS with you?

  2. Can you please explain how to make laptop battery from scratch. I mean new battery where we can get shell complete information please.
    Possibly complete info on laptop batteries model etc info
    Requesting you please

    1. Sorry! I also do not have complete BMS information.

  3. hi
    i hv sony vpcea24fm
    its battery sony 07 se us18650gr 11.1v 3500mAh
    but want to replace cells with 4000mAh 3.7v lir-18650
    will it work please thanks in advance

    1. Hello!
      It is recommended to use the same capacity batteries, so that the remaining use time calculation is more accurate.

  4. Hi,
    I have Dell Latitude E6430s Laptop which had 65Wh battery. After 2.5 years it died. I bought a replacement but the replacement looks fake because after discharging it from 100% to 85% my laptop shuts down and I have to recharge the battery again from 0%. So I decided to disassemble my old battery. I disassembled it perfectly but didn’t buy new cells as replacement. The specs of my old cells are Sanyo ZTA 18650 Battery, 3000mAh, 5.8A, 3.7V. So I have few questions:
    1. Should I buy new Sanyo ZTA 18650 Battery or can I buy different battery cells with different capacity like LG MJ1 18650 Battery, 3500mAh, 10A, 3.65V.? (There are other batteries with same capacity like LG D1 18650 Battery, 3000mAh, 5.8A, 3.7V & Samsung 30A 18650 Battery, 3000mAh, 6A, 3.7V)
    2. Will my battery BMS work again after replacing it with new batteries (although I have already disassembled it)?
    3. Will Soldering be good instead of spot welding (as I have no spot welder)?

    Please I need to clarify before ordering batteries and rebuilding my laptop so I need a thorough answer.


    1. Hello!
      1.Should use the same capacity batteries.
      2.If the BMS is disconnected from the battery, the BMS will usually be locked and it is invalid to replace the battery with a new one. Special tools and software are required to unlock the BMS.
      3.You can ask the seller to spot weld the nickel sheet when you buy the battery to facilitate welding. The new battery does not support direct welding.
      4.You can also replace the CELL for a replacement battery.

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