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Valence U27-12XP Battery balance board communication

Valence U27-12XP Battery balance board, Software, USB to 485 adapter

4S LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Battery pack balance line connection

USB to 485 adapter

Valence software

Fully connected

Data reading

32 thoughts on “Valence U27-12XP Battery balance board communication

  1. welcome !

    Super video!

    When and how much you can get a Valence U27-12XP and Valence software.

    Best regards:

    1. Valence U27-12XP PCB There are 100 .

  2. Hi. I have the valence software on my laptop and it works great. But how can you get it to work on an android device?
    What tablet are you using here?

    1. HP Stream 7 Windonw 8.1

  3. Hi, Where can I get the valence software from? Thanks

  4. Which exact rs 485 adapter are you using? Ebay link? Part number?
    I have an rs 485 adapter which works fine on my old laptop using windows xp
    However, my HP stream does not recognize it when i plug it in. Maybe i have a faulty usb coupler.
    It does nothing. I cannot even install the driver because its simply not asking for it.

  5. Nevermind. I got it to work with my adapter now.
    You need an OTG adapter cable to connect the interface with the HP stream. Otherwise the HP stream wont recognize that something is connevted to it.
    Now everything works like a charm.

    1. HP Stream???

      1. HP Stream 7 The system is Windows 8 32bit.

  6. Hello,

    where Can i obtain the Valence Diagnostic software? Thank you in advance…


  7. Along with the board and USB cable components in your store for the Valence U27-12XP Battery balance board communication project, I am also in need of the Valence software. Where can I get this and how much would it cost?

  8. How many cell can be connected in the same time?

  9. where Can i obtain the Valence Diagnostic software?

  10. Hello, I am looking for the u-charge BMS software. Please advise u27 12xp batteries. Thanks

  11. where did you get the software? can i get a copy

  12. Which pins do I connect to on the Valence Connector. There are 5.

      1. Which color wires go were in what order. Thanks.

        1. Send me your battery connector. [email protected]

  13. I download the .rar file but it seems to be corrupted. 7Zip can’t extract it. Can you help please?

    1. Got a solution: PeaZip works perfect!

  14. how about the original shunt that was inside the battery? do you have the schematic for all other connections? how many of them do you have/can provide?

      The negative output of the battery pack is connected in series with the shunt. 2-wire detection is connected to both ends of the shunt respectively.

      1. Do you know how to zero the shunt reading? I ordered 10 boards and some are starting above or below zero. I would like to get more if I can resolve this issue.

        1. Wait for me to test and give you the answer.

  15. Do you know why I can’t connect to the RT Series from Valence?
    In detail the U1-12RT. The Valence Software does not find any battery.

    1. I did not resolve U1-12RT, and will provide information after the solution.

  16. Hi! Do you still have some PCB available? I would need 6 of them…

    1. Sorry! This PCB is temporarily out of stock.

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