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12V Energy storage spot welder time controller

IC 556 Schematic


Part soldering completed

Time controller and 100K potentiometer

Shortest time corresponding voltage

Maximum time corresponding voltage

2 thoughts on “12V Energy storage spot welder time controller

  1. I did my first spot welded today with your setup and it works amazing.
    Thank you for everything you do.
    I only purchase two batteries from you and connected them in parralell for the 4.2 volt setup on your first videos.
    I will buy four more batteries and some extra copper tips so I can experiment with .20 and .30 nickel. I also want to try tab welding with 0.1 copper strips so I will wait for the extra batteries for the 8.4 volt setup.
    Xiexie 😁

  2. Hi would like to know what do i need more to have a spot welder like this.Sorry if the Q is very basic,but my knowledge is basic to,i just started with 18650 power backup system.Thank you

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